5 Netflix Original Series That are Actually Good


Are you super bored right now? Maybe you just finished bingewatching Friends on Netflix and need something new to watch (ahem…). Recently Netflix has been creating more and more original series and I gotta say, Netflix knows TV! There are lots of really awesome Netflix originals, but here’s a list of my top 5.





Oh my goodness. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has got to be one of the funniest shows ever. If you liked Ellie Kemper for her role in The Office, you will probably love this show because Continue reading

DIY Watercolor Mug

Hello everyone! Today I decided to try out this nifty watercolor mug idea floating around. It is a DIY that is so easy and inexpensive! Want to try it out? Keep reading!


Super cool looking right? So here are the things you will need!

  • A mug. You could really use any color mug but obviously white makes the colors really pop! I actually got this one at Dollar Tree. Isn’t that awesome?? I couldn’t find a nice white mug for $1 anywhere else! This one is super cute so it was meant to be.
  • Some sort of container filled with warm water. I used a piece of tupperware. You may want to use something you don’t mind getting nail polish on. Also, the wider the mouth of the container, the better. Mine was alright but a bit small for my mug. It made it a little more difficult to coat the mug correctly.
  • Nail polish. You can use as many colors as you want! I used two, but you could use one or five–it’s up to you!
  • A toothpick. This really is optional; if you don’t have one you can still make this, but it helps to make the design a little cooler.



STEP 1: Find a nice surface to do this. The kitchen table is fine. I did it on my living room floor with some cardboard underneath. Now drip your nail polish into the water. I would suggest this be done as fast as possible because it becomes increasingly difficult to do as the nail polish dries. Feel free to place as many drops as you like.

STEP 2: If you want to make your design really interesting you can swirl the color around a bit with a toothpick.

STEP 3: Dip your mug! Do your best to just dip the sides of the mug. I did not and got some of the design on the bottom as well as the inside of the mug (oops!). It’s OK if you do , though! Just use some nail polish remover wherever you don’t want the color to have ended up.

STEP 4: Allow your mug to dry at least 2 hours. And you’re done! You end up with a unique, beautiful, and simple to make mug! You will never find another exactly like it! Go you!

I thought this was so cool looking and pretty. An optional extra step is to dip it again with more colors as many times as you like. Just be sure to let the mug dry in between dips. This mug is now handwash only as well. Enjoy!



Ten Things You Need on Your Baby Registry


Registering for your cute little fetus is seriously the best thing ever. You get to choose the very first colors and objects that your child will see and love and grow with. How amazing is that? You are deciding where their life starts. Makes you wonder how different colors and objects encourage different outcomes for each child?? But that’s a little too complex for this article, so maybe next time! Anyway, there are definitely certain things that are NECESSARY for the beginnings of parenthood, and then there are many things that are unnecessary as well. This post is mostly about the things you need, but I’ll go ahead and post a few unnecessary things at the end.

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6 Apps to Make Some Extra Cash

So maybe you are wanting to save up for something special. Maybe you are a stay-at-home mom. Perhaps you just want a little extra cash in your pocket. Whatever the reason, you just want to have some extra money without having to work overtime every day. Well friends, I have a few solutions for you!! There are apps out there that give you money! Yes, you have read that correctly. Essentially FREE MONEY (I had to capitalize that because come on, those two words just draw people in). These apps hand you money for basically doing things you already do. Now just throwing this out there- you are not going to get like $1000 in no time with these apps, but they do provide ways of making a few extra bucks you can throw in the bank. Or at the bookstore clerk. Whatevs. Continue reading

Top 5 Beauty Channels on YouTube

Hey everybody! So I am a major YouTube junkie. There is such great content out there! So I will be creating regular posts that feature 5 awesome YouTube channels of a certain category. This week I will be feature beauty channels. These YouTubers are people who create fantastic videos filled with beauty tips, tricks, and tutorials. The ones I will be featuring are just a few of many, so there will be many more features to come!

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Why You Need to Start Saving Money

I was the worst with money. If there was a Spenders Anonymous meeting, I would still have to go once a week as I would be in recovery. I am the ULTIMATE overspender. But thanks to Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Program as well as working as a bank teller, I have come to learn a lot about the best ways to spend and save money.

Now I know EVERYONE who ever talks about budgeting generally brings up Dave Ramsey, and I bet there are people out there who get really annoyed by that, but the reason is because his methods really do work and they help even the worst spenders and those with the highest debt to have better finances. And while I love what Dave Ramsey has to offer, there are a few ways I have tweaked his methods to best fit my family and our situation. Continue reading

How to Find Freedom


Human beings have a natural capacity to do absolutely anything we want in the whole world. Unfortunately, we also have a natural tendency to constrict ourselves. Why? It is the silliest thing in the world to hold yourself back from the things you truly want in life. It’s time to break free from the chains! Here’s how.

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