6 Apps to Make Some Extra Cash

So maybe you are wanting to save up for something special. Maybe you are a stay-at-home mom. Perhaps you just want a little extra cash in your pocket. Whatever the reason, you just want to have some extra money without having to work overtime every day. Well friends, I have a few solutions for you!! There are apps out there that give you money! Yes, you have read that correctly. Essentially FREE MONEY (I had to capitalize that because come on, those two words just draw people in). These apps hand you money for basically doing things you already do. Now just throwing this out there- you are not going to get like $1000 in no time with these apps, but they do provide ways of making a few extra bucks you can throw in the bank. Or at the bookstore clerk. Whatevs.

LOL you know this is hilarious.

I just want to throw out there that I personally use all of these apps and they are legitimate. I know some may be hesitant to trust stuff like this, but I promise they are all real and well-known among the frugal! And they also all pay out just like they say they will. Aaaand they are all FREEEE!



Ebates is an app that gives you cash back when you shop online. This is so fantastic because a lot of times when people buy things online it is often a larger purchase, and you can get cash back on that! Awesome right? If you were going to buy it anyway, why not save some on it? Now it does not apply like a coupon, but instead your cash back collects on the Ebates app and they pay you every 3 months. However they also have a lot of coupons for the sites as well that you can use on your purchases. You can choose to be paid by check, paypal, or you can donate the money to charity. Easy peasy. Interested? Click [here]. (Side note: Ebates also has a website that you can use as well if you do not have a smart phone)


Receipt hog

Receipt Hog is pretty weird because you feed a pig receipts, but whatever? Anyway, it is also awesome! because you basically take a picture of all your receipts within a 2 week period and you get points for them. When you get 1000 points, you earn $5. There are also challenges as well as a slot machine that you can use in order to get more points. You can scan up to 20 receipts per week. There is also a sweepstakes each month and every time you scan a receipt you get an entered to win. Receipt Hog does not accept hand-written receipts, invoices, or movie ticket receipts. Besides that, every other receipt is free game. Easiest thing ever right? Click [here] to get this app.


Ibotta is sort of like a coupon app, but instead of bringing it to the store and scanning the coupons, you just simply choose which items you plan to buy or even the ones you already bought and each item earns you cash. This app is great for those of us who have a heart for saving money but dislike couponing or don’t really understand it (me!). It’s also pretty cool because there are bonuses you can try for as well. One of the bonuses is called “Teamwork” and basically if you are connected to the app through Facebook you automatically have a team of those who also have the Ibotta app and together you work towards getting the bonus by saving as much money as possible. Pretty cool huh? Click [here] to unleash awesome savings. (Side note: Ibotta has a website that you can use if you do not have a smart phone)


Checkout 51

So Checkout 51 is pretty much the same thing as Ibotta, so in a way there is not really much to explain here. It is laid out differently that Ibotta but serves the same purpose. So this is simply good to have because you can basically save double on something instead of just getting the cash back from one app. And of course there are different items on each app as well so you may find something that you planned to buy on Checkout 51 and not Ibotta. So are you interested in doubling your savings? Then go ahead and click [here]  (Side note: Checkout 51 has a website that you can use if you do not have a smart phone)


Find & Save

So again, pretty similar to Ibotta and Checkout 51, so if you want to TRIPLE your cash, click [here]! Sure, perhaps having three of basically the same app may seem excessive, but when you are a stay-at-home mom and hey you want some extra cash, it is totally worth it! Click [here]



Okay so Shopkick is ballin. It is seriously an awesome app. The basic gist is that you earn money for going into stores. What? Yeah. You don’t even have to buy anything. So if you are bored one day, you can literally go to like every store in town and just walk in and walk out, although I feel like that would be frowned upon. But still! Shopkick gives you points for walking in and you can also earn points for scanning specific bar codes in the store with your phone. Now this app is different because you do not necessarily earn cash but you do get gift cards. In this app you choose something that you want to save points for (you can change it anytime, it’s just a goal setter) and then when you have enough you can get it. It is mostly gift cards but there are other things such as a KitchenAid mixer and a moped. But there are gift cards for many places from Amazon to Starbucks. Click [here]!

So there you have it! Some awesome cha-ching! apps. Now what are you waiting for?? Go make some money!

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