Ten Things You Need on Your Baby Registry


Registering for your cute little fetus is seriously the best thing ever. You get to choose the very first colors and objects that your child will see and love and grow with. How amazing is that? You are deciding where their life starts. Makes you wonder how different colors and objects encourage different outcomes for each child?? But that’s a little too complex for this article, so maybe next time! Anyway, there are definitely certain things that are NECESSARY for the beginnings of parenthood, and then there are many things that are unnecessary as well. This post is mostly about the things you need, but I’ll go ahead and post a few unnecessary things at the end.

1. Bottle cleaners
Seriously these things are fantastic. They make bottle cleaning a breeze (which is important because it’s such a pain). I actually got a pack of two and even use one for cleaning cups and hard to reach spots on dishes. It is just made to clean hard to reach areas very well.

2. Pack ‘N Play


Yeah so these are great. We used this for baby to sleep in our bedroom for his first few months of life (I still can’t believe how long ago that seems!). It worked great, and now we have a nice crib as well as diaper changing area for when we travel. The best part is that it easily shrinks into a nice rectangle and doesn’t weigh much at all so it really is ideal for car trips

3. Boppy Pillow
ESPECIALLY if you  are breastfeeding but even if you are not, this thing is great. It is a miracle for nursing, and I think I would have given up pretty quickly if I didn’t have this. It brings baby to just the right spot for nursing so you don’t have to break your arm. Even in the hospital when the lactation consultant is showing you what to do, they use a buttload of flimsy pillows to help you out, and that’s all fine and good but to just need one pillow is really nice. Also it is just more comfortable for when you have your baby in your arms because baby sweats and makes your arms and lap all sweaty and a pillow just makes it better. Finally, this pillow helps your baby learn to sit up because it provides just enough support to do so. If you didn’t catch it, I LOVE THIS THING!

4. Glider
I so wish I had one of these in our nursery. They are expensive but well worth it. I didn’t think I would need one because we had a wooden rocking chair that I decided to pimp to make it comfortable and cute. It was alright. It didn’t rock very well on our carpet and it squeaked. We have a cushiony glider in our living room that I think is ugly (thus the reason I used the wooden rocker) and I ended up just using that way more, which was not ideal because my husband was often trying to watch TV during the time I was rocking baby to sleep. Also it would have been nice to put my feet up, just sayin.

5. A transitionable car seat.
That’s probably not a word, but I recommend getting a car seat that you can transition easily. I say this because car seats are expensive and baby grows so fast. You can get a car seat that lasts until they don’t need a car seat/booster anymore, but I was told those are not great so I can’t say if those are worth it or not, but at least get one that you know has larger sizes in the same brand and such so you can use the same base and not have to buy another for each car.

6. Music/Sound Maker
This was a game changer! Sometimes baby boy would cry and cry and music would be the only thing that would help! Now ours came with our Pack ‘N Play, but if yours doesn’t have that, go ahead and register for one. You will thank me later.

7. Diaper Changing Pads
A few simple changing pads will be so helpful when you are changing 8 diapers a day and don’t want to have to go back to the nursery AGAIN. You can just change the kid on the floor with one of these. Boom. And while you’re at it, just make yourself a little changing caddy with diapers, wipes, and a changing pad in it. Heck, you don’t really even need a changing table if you don’t want to pay a ton for it.

8. Baby Carrier


You’ve gotta have one of these. They make your life so much easier!! Especially when you have a baby that just wants to be held all day and you got stuff to do. That thing will put your little angel to sleep in seconds. Whether you get a sling, a wrap, or a backpack style carrier, choose what makes sense to you. I personally loved the Moby Wrap, and no, it’s really not that hard to wrap around you. Just get someone to help you figure it out before the baby comes. It’s second nature to me now.

9. Diaper Pail
So apparently some people do not like these, but um what?? If you’ve ever changed the bag in one of those, they STINK on the inside! Big time! But yet, no stink on the outside! I seriously don’t know what I’d do without one of these. Although if you want to save some money you can through the just wet diapers away in the trash because they don’t usually stink too much.

10. A Really Great Stroller
Stroller are expensive. Heck, all baby stuff is expensive (Retailers totally take advantage of our willingness to overspend when it comes to baby). But you are really going to appreciate having a sturdy somewhat enclosed stroller when you are at the mall.

So those are my top ten Baby Registry Items. Here are a few things that don’t need to be on your list:

If it is discovered that you plan to breastfeed, EVERYONE and their mother will get this for you. It is fantastic and well needed, but one bottle is way more than enough and people will get it for you anyway, so no need to register for it (and if somehow no one buys it for you, it is like $2).

Wipe warmer
If you want to use this, go for it, but for me it was something I didn’t want to use except in winter because I didn’t want my son to get used to it and then be out and about and have a cold wipe on his booty. It turned out I didn’t use it at all. Like ever. I tried using it and it was more trouble than it was worth.

Grass Bottle Dryer


Maybe if you plan on solely bottle feeding, this would be great. But I hardly needed this at all because I haven’t used that many bottles. It’s so cute! But honestly it just took up space on the counter in our itty bitty kitchen.

One Million Bottles
I got a huge pack of bottles for baby boy just for those times when we were out and about or he was in the care of someone else. I did NOT need more than like maybe 3 bottles. Again, if you plan to solely bottle feed, ignore this. But if you plan to nurse, having a bunch of bottles will just cause you to have a larger stack of used bottles that you have to wash.

Bulky Bathtub
I wash like so excited to use this tub we got. It is like a baby sized tub that goes in the regular tub and it comes with a shower sprayer! But really it is just a waste of space. After a while I ended up just getting this inflatable tub once my baby was able to sit up relatively well and it was amazing because you can just deflate and it takes up minimal space. I wish I had just gotten that though because a newborn bath seat fits into it just as well.

So that’s my list! Good luck with your brand new sweetheart! 

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